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California Lemon Law Attorneys

California has one of the best and strongest Lemon Laws in the nation and we know how to use it. In fact, the Lemon Law in California cover Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV's, SUV's, RV's and other types of motor vehicles.

Yashar Law, A Professional Law Corporation provides free document review and attorney consultations regarding consumer’s rights under the California and Federal Lemon Laws. We are experienced lemon law attorneys that know how to get rid of your lemon and get you compensation, a new vehicle that runs right, or get your money back. Do not settle with the manufacturer or dealer when it is not in your best interest; arbitration is not required. It is your right to pursue legal action and we understand how to work with the dealers and manufactures to get the results you deserve.

Yashar Law, APLC does not charge our clients up-front fees or a contingency fee. The California Lemon Law includes an attorney’s fees provision, which allows our office to collect our hourly attorney’s fees from the automobile manufacturer at the successful resolution of the claim. This makes pursuing a California Lemon Law claim economically feasible for those who would otherwise not be in a position to hire an attorney. If nothing is received, there are no legal fees.

Contact our toll free number at (844) 4-LemonLaw to understand your rights and see what options may be available to you. It is in your best interest to obtain legal representation since most of the time, manufacturers often fight individual Lemon Law claims.

We have received a number of inquiries from lemon vehicle owners who ask us if they should give the dealership another chance to work on their lemon vehicle if they already fit the lemon law criteria. The answer is NO. After all, if the dealership hasn’t been able to fix the lemon vehicle so far, most likely they won’t be able to fix it at all. In fact, it is in the best interest of the dealership or manufacturer to stall and delay you.

Five Reasons To Contact Us Today:

1. While you are waiting for your vehicle to get fixed, your warranty is running out. The manufacturer wants your warranty to expire so that they can argue that it’s too to late lemon your vehicle. Even when the only reason that you waited so long is because you were waiting for the manufacturer or dealership to either fix your vehicle or get back to you, they will blame it on you.

2. The longer you wait; it takes much longer for the manufacturer to get your claim processed. The sooner you contact our office, the sooner you will have your claim processed and the sooner you might be driving in a new motor vehicle.

3. Not taking your vehicle back to the dealership for a repair can create the illusion that your vehicle has been fixed. The manufacturer can argue that since months went by without you bringing in your vehicle to the dealership for repair, then there must have been nothing wrong with your vehicle for that time and your vehicle has been fixed.

4. While you are taking in your vehicle to the dealership, we can start your lemon law claim. The manufacturer and the dealership who is trying to fix your vehicle are not from the same department. So you have nothing to lose by starting your claim now. Most of the time, your vehicle will not get fixed if it hasn’t by now and if you wait, you might lose the opportunity to lemon your vehicle.

5. While you are waiting for your vehicle to get fixed, you may be stuck using that vehicle. Especially in this economy, most people cannot afford to park their lemon vehicle in their garage and go out and buy or lease another vehicle and have two payments to make. So, you are stuck having to drive your lemon vehicle while you are waiting for the vehicle to get fixed. And if it doesn’t get fixed, well now you’ve got thousand more miles on your vehicle by the time you decide to give up. This is a major disadvantage to you since the lawyers for the manufacture will allege that since you have so many miles on the vehicle, your vehicle “couldn’t have been that bad”. In fact, continuing to drive your lemon vehicle while waiting for it to magically get fixed, can reduce the amount of money that you will get back. The attorneys for the manufacturers know that they will now pay you much less than you deserve. So, don’t allow the manufacturer of your lemon vehicle cheat you out of your money. Let us make the manufacturers settle with you so you can get more money in your pocket. Contact our office today so we can get started in getting you the maximum amount of refund. After all, you have nothing to lose but your lemon.